The Society is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary/Treasurer and 5 other elected members. The committee may also co-opt members from time to time and have representatives from other Engineering Institutions.

The current committee is:

David Hargreaves Chair
To be announced Vice Chair
John Rees Past Chair
Francesco Dorigatti Member
Alex To Member
Gordon Breeze Member
Bernardo Vazquez Treasurer
Zheng-Tong Xie Member
Daniel Hackett Member
Giulio Vita Future Leaders Rep
Stefano Cammelli Member
Ryan Shenhuo Member



WES and the ICE

The Wind Engineering Society is a Specialist Knowledge Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers. While the Society is effectively self-governing, this relationship allows WES to make use of the ICE's administrative support for the collection of membership subscriptions, newsletter circulations etc. Members of the Society do not have to be members of the ICE. Liaison with the ICE is maintained by mutual representation between the Structure and Building Board of the Institution and the Executive Committee of the Society.